Data Networking

Ethernet Dedicated Internet

Support bandwidth-intensive applications with a secure, robust Internet connection.

Consistent performance

Upload and download large amounts of data.

Dynamic flexibility

Adapt to changing needs with speeds that scale from 1 Mbps to up to 100 Gbps.

Dependable connectivity

Leverage the reliability and security of a dedicated connection.

Boost bandwidth and enhance efficiencies

When business demands increase, connectivity may not keep up. Consider Ethernet Dedicated Internet — a robust and cost-effective connection. Powered by our advanced network, it provides a direct connection from your LAN to our Internet point of presence (POP) router via a private virtual Ethernet link.

Advantages for your enterprise

With scalability, Ethernet Dedicated Internet access helps eliminate the need to buy more capacity than you need. And that makes it cost-effective. You’ll find other advantages, too.

Digital experience

You can access your sites, services, and circuit utilization via My Account.

Geographic coverage

Service is available nationwide.

Scalable bandwidth

Ethernet Dedicated Internet can scale between 1 Mbps to up to 100 Gbps.

Symmetrical traffic flow

Get a reliable experience with upload speeds as fast as download speeds available. Good for cloud applications and our Unified Communications and Collaboration solutions.

Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) routing

Optimize stability with optional BGP routing. Set up a connection for core traffic with one provider, and a second link for backup with a different provider.

24/7 priority support

We provide toll-free access to 24/7 priority support from a dedicated team of experienced tech specialists. Plus, there’s 24/7 service monitoring through multiple network operations centers (NOCs).

Static IP addresses

We assign up to two permanent IP addresses for running multiple servers or applications like a VPN per circuit. Additional IP addresses are available for an extra charge.

Domain Name System (DNS)

Primary and secondary DNS hosting service is included. We help you transfer any existing domain names.

Service level guarantees

We stand behind our network availability service level agreements and response time objectives.

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