Managed WiFi

Managing secure private WiFi networks helps improve the customer experience.

Easing the burden of a 21st century business imperative

Due to intense competition, stores, banks, hospitals, restaurants, and branch offices are all evolving into technology-enabled hubs that are designed to help improve the customer experience and drive customer loyalty. WiFi attracts, engages, and retains customers; it enhances employee productivity. But, managing and securing a private WiFi network while also enabling a WiFi layer with a quality end-user experience requires substantial attention and resources to implement and maintain.

Basic, Premium, and Custom services

We offer multiple levels of Managed WiFi, depending on your business needs:

Managed WiFi Basic

  • In addition to Internet connectivity, this level offers many features, including:

    • Password protection for private WiFi SSIOs
    • WiFi “open for business” hours
    • Banning website categories
    • Bandwidth allocation
    • URL landing page
    • Splash page
    • Security

Managed WiFi Premium

  • In addition to all the services of our Basic service, WiFi Premium offers:

    • Access to Xfinity WiFi with over 15 million hotspots nationwide
    • Xfinity WiFi will create an Xfinity hotspot at your store locations and will provide direct end-user support.
    • Installation & configuration
    • Access to WiFi equipment data
    • Analyze user traffic

Managed WiFi Custom

  • Our custom service allows customers to choose the equipment vendor they prefer. Specific features of the service depend on the selected equipment.

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