Data Networking

Ethernet Virtual Private Line

Help improve application performance across your network with a private, point-to-multipoint network design between multiple locations.

24/7 assistance

Get around-the-clock support from a team of technical specialists.

Customizable speeds

Rapidly scale your transmission capacity.

Protect your data

Securely send data over a multi-point configuration.

Product overview

Ethernet Virtual Private Line offers high-capacity multi-point connectivity that’s cost effective, reliable, and flexible.

  • Provides an Ethernet Virtual Connection (EVC) between multiple customer locations.
  • Serves as a replacement for traditional TDM Private Lines, Frame Relay or ATM Layer 2 VPNs and IP VPNs.
  • Supports Service Multiplexed User Network Interfaces (UNI), enabling a single physical connection to Customer Premise Equipment (CPE).

Ethernet Virtual Private Line features:

FEATURES Dedicated connectivity

Establish one or more virtual connections supporting Service Multiplexed UNI (i.e. multiple EVCs per UNI) with a single physical connection (UNI) to Customer Premise Equipment (CPE).

Scalable capacity

Scale service from 1 Mbps up to 100 Gbps

Secure, private connection

Transfer data securely over our private network, bypassing the public Internet.

Performance reporting

View connectivity statistics via a secure web portal for the previous day, week, or month.

24/7 priority support

Take comfort in knowing your business will receive 24/7 priority support and monitoring.

Information security program

Keep your business safe from a variety of threats with 24/7 security monitoring.

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