Managed Router

Internet service USA can support the full lifecycle of router management, from initial configuration and installation to ongoing management and support.

Router management critical to network

As today’s distributed enterprise network becomes more complex, routers have evolved to become far more sophisticated themselves and carry out a number of important tasks that keep information moving in an efficient and secure manner. Managing routers can become a resource-intensive responsibility that prevents technical expertise from focusing on initiatives that drive value in the core business. With cost-effective solutions, Internet service USA has the support capabilities to provide an end-to-end premise-based solution that includes equipment, configuration, change management, and help desk support.

Managed Router services

Our Managed Routers come from well-known and well-trusted manufacturers with a host of additional features to benefit your business. Private network access for employees with simple to manage security ensures your network creates an efficient working environment while always secure. Even in the case of outages and other untimely events, access through managed routers comes with back-up connectivity and wireless fall-over. Some of our Managed Router services include:

Router configuration

    • Quality of service, LAN segmentation, automatic failover, and load balancing
    • WAN/LAN protocol-based restrictions
    • Basic firewall security

Virtual Private Network

    • Create a private connection between sites using IPsec and other secure protocols
    • Virtual router redundancy protocol available
    • WAN performance optimization

High availability

  • Dual router option for single location
  • Cellular Data wireless back-up

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