Your first line of defense against harmful cyberattacks

One breach has the potential to dramatically impact your business — and customers. Internet service USA SecurityEdge helps protect all connected devices on your network from malware, phishing scams, ransomware, and botnet attacks.

Cyberattacks can be costly

SMBsare 3x morelikely to be victims of a cyberattack.1

More than half of SMBs(58%)have suffered at leastone security incident.2

38%of SMBs worried about suffering a cyberattack in thenext 12 months3

Help minimize attacks across all connected devices

From July 2021 to June 2022, SecurityEdge helped protect our SMB customers from various cyberthreats. Consider these highlights from a single day.

Advanced features that help you focus on business

Simple by design. SecurityEdge features can help protect your network and keep you informed when breach attempts occur.


Helps block breaches with global threat intelligence that updates and refreshes every 5 minutes


Monitor activity on a personalized dashboard using a single app


Set web filters, block pages, manage network access, and schedule regular reports

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