Managed Business Continuity

Reliability and failover to maximize network uptime.

Redundant network connections

A wide range of risks exists when it comes to keeping your network — and business — up and running. From everyday user errors and power failures to more catastrophic events and cyberattacks, network downtime impacts productivity, revenue, and even brand reputation. The ability to communicate with remote sites, customers, partners, and suppliers is often taken for granted until interrupted. Internet service USA Managed Business Continuity provides redundant network connections that help minimize the impact of downtime as additional resiliency for critical applications.

Redundancy options to help keep your business running

Managed Business Continuity services keep organizations operational even when disaster strikes. Internet service USA takes over the responsibility of your Business Continuity Management:

Cellular data

In the event of a network interruption, a secondary link using cellular data will act as the backup, and network traffic will failover to prevent downtime. Paired with Internet service USA Managed Router services, applications can be designated and prioritized for disaster recovery features.

Hybrid wireline

We can install and manage a second wireline connection at all of your locations to stay operational in the event of an outage. Internet service USA has the ability to provide physical diversity from the current access technology, which helps circumvent chronic and intermittent downtime.

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