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Enhance Enterprise Communication with Our Cloud-Based Virtual PBX Service

Help keep your enterprise communicating, collaborating, and creating new connections with our cloud-based virtual PBX service.

Cloud-Based Virtual PBX

Enjoy the benefits of a virtual PBX service hosted in the cloud, providing flexibility and scalability for your enterprise.

Efficient Collaboration

Facilitate collaboration among your teams with unified communication tools, enhancing productivity and fostering creativity.

Reliable Connectivity

Internet Service USA is committed to providing reliable connectivity, ensuring that your communication channels remain robust and uninterrupted.

Unified Communications for Seamless Connectivity

Internet Service USA understands the vital role that communication plays in the success of enterprises. Our Unified Communications services offer a holistic approach to connectivity, keeping your enterprise communicating, collaborating, and fostering new connections. Whether you operate locally or nationally, our cloud-based virtual PBX service provides a unified platform for streamlined communication.

Internet Service USA, a leading provider of comprehensive internet solutions, is pleased to introduce our Unified Communications services. Designed to elevate enterprise communication, collaboration, and connection-building, our cloud-based virtual PBX service ensures seamless and efficient operations for businesses of all sizes.

Experience the Future of Enterprise Communication

With Internet Service USA Unified Communications, enterprises can experience the future of seamless and integrated communication. Our tailored solutions empower businesses to communicate effectively, collaborate efficiently, and establish meaningful connections in today’s dynamic business environment.

Customer Support and Inquiries

For more information about Internet Service USA Unified Communications or to inquire about our cloud-based virtual PBX service, please visit or contact our dedicated customer support at (877) 212-2900.

CEO of Internet Service USA, Sam Arnoldi, expressed enthusiasm about the new offering, stating, “At Internet Service USA, we recognize the importance of unified communication for the success of enterprises. Our Unified Communications services are designed to provide businesses with a robust platform for seamless connectivity and collaboration, ensuring they stay ahead in today’s competitive landscape.”

Features and add-ons

Seat Type Features

  • Extension features

    • Phone Extension: 3–6 digits
    • Digital experience to manage calls
    • Advanced Call Hold and Transfer

Business VoiceEdge Desktop App

  • Enjoy productivity-boosting Unified Communications features all in one place on your desktop. Customers can download the app at no extra charge from our Cloud Solutions Marketplace

Comcast Business App

Stay in control of your Business VoiceEdge® service anytime, anywhere with the Comcast Business App — an innovative all-in-one tool designed with your business in mind. Easily access a variety of advanced phone features on your iOS or Android device.

Superior Call Quality

  • Get high-quality service over a dedicated VoIP network.

Audio Conferencing

  • One-click access makes it easy to use.

    • Scales up to 50 participants plus a moderator
    • Includes moderator tools, such as notification of who joined, participant list, and mute/unmute
    • Interoperable with Mac, Windows , iOS, and Android

Shared Call Appearance

  • View and manage someone else’s line from your phone.

    • See who’s on the phone and who’s available
    • Know when to transfer calls or have a message taken
    • Pick up a call ringing on a co-worker’s phone

Busy Lamp Field

  • Monitor when other users are on their phone. Great for knowing if someone is available for a transfer or not.

Automated Attendant

    • Virtual receptionist allowing callers to route to the appropriate extension or department
    • Program your main number to share important information to your customers such as hours of operations or address
    • Set up a custom routing option for after-hours and holiday-specific messages

Advanced One-Touch Call Hold Experience

    • Our custom key system solution provides you with an advanced one-touch call hold (and transfer) experience
    • Customize your parking spot names to suit your needs and how they should be displayed with our Key System Device Emulation


Call Queue Agent – Basic

Users can be designated as an agent or participate in simple call queues of up to 25 calls within a site or across an enterprise.

Receptionist Console

Manage the distribution of calls to and the presence of people across a site or enterprise with this PC-based software console.

Additional Voicemail Boxes

For use with an Automated Attendant and Hunt Group or as an add-on for a standard seat to offer a voicemail box or message playback.

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