Make the most of your PBX equipment and your connection

Our trunk-based service gives you a dedicated physical PRI (Primary Rate Interface) connection from your onsite PBX to the Internet service USA private network. For cost management, call continuity, and Quality of Service (QoS).

Simple, affordable, reliable: a PRI phone solution to count on

Already made the investment in PBX equipment? Internet service USA Business PRI Trunks is an easy-to-implement solution to maximize your system and its capabilities. A cost-effective connection, it can reduce voice-line spend by letting multiple employees share 23 channels per trunk, supporting up to 184 calls at a time. Plus, with 24/7 monitoring and dedicated support via our network operations center, it’s an ideal choice.

Quality + security

Prioritizes voice services over other traffic and uses 2 layers of authentication to secure the network


Lets you purchase full and fractional PRIs as needed, while leveraging your capital investment

Call continuity

Allows calls to be routed between networks on a call-by-call basis, for continued service during a disruption


PRI phone system basics you need

Do a lot of business nationwide? We take care of your calling needs. Our PRI trunking solution comes with a total of 4,600 domestic long-distance minutes (200 minutes per channel). Plus unlimited local and intra-LATA (local access and transport area) calling, as well as other features.


When calls are crucial

Some industries, like financial services, depend on high-availability features and digital support included with our PRI phone service.

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